Race/Grand Prix Results

2021 Race Results

Prospect Mountain Road Race

Adirundack Trail Race, # 1

Adirundack Trail Race #2


Polar Cap


2019 Grand Prix Results
2019 Polar Cap Results
2019 Hinchliffe and Reindeer Run Results

Race to The Lakes

Goblin Gallop

Trail Series Overall Results

Prospect Mountain Results

Reindeer Run

Reindeer Run Results


2018 Grand Prix Results
2018 Adirondack 15K Race to the Lakes Award Winners
2018 Adirondack 15K Race to the Lakes Overall Results


2017 Polar Cap Results
2017 Shamrock Shuffle Results
2017 Rotary Run Results
2017 Prospect Mountain Road Race Results
2017 Betar Byway Results
2017 Moreau Mile Results
2017 Run for the Ages Results
2017 Adirondack Distance Run Results
2017 Race the Train Results
2017 Tony Luciano Memorial 5K Results


2016 Grand Prix Schedule
2016 Polar Cap Results
2016 Shamrock Shuffle Results
2016 Rotary Run Results
2016 Betar Byway Results
2016 Prospect Mountain Road Race Results
2016 Moreau Mile Results
2016 Run for the Ages Results
2016 Adirondack Distance Run Results
2016 Race the Train and Tony Luciano 5K Results
2016 Spud Run and Goblin Gallop Results
2016 Stockade-athon Roadrace Results
2016 Operation Santa and Reindeer Run Results

2015 & Earlier

2015 Grand Prix Results
• 2014 Grand Prix Results
2013 Grand Prix Combined Course Results
2011 Marathon Results
2010 Marathon Results

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