Grand Prix 2023

  • April 15: Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon, Albany
  • April 22: Rotary 5k, SUNY Adirondack
  • *May 13: Prospect Mountain Road Race, Lake George 5.6 Mile*
  • *May 30: Trail Series Final Race 5k, Coles Woods, Glens Falls
  • June 3: Rail Trail to the Bridge 5k Granville
  • *June 11: Betar 5k, So. Glens Falls
  • *June 24: Adirondack 7 Mile Race to the Lakes, SUNY ACC
  • August 6: Cerveza Shuffle, 10k, Saratoga
  • Sept. 30: Adk. Distance Festival10k, Chestertown
  • Oct. 8: Hartford Spud Run 5k, Hartford
  • *Oct. 28: Goblin Gallop 5k, Glens Falls
  • Nov. 5: Fall Back 5mile Trail race, Saratoga
  • Nov.12: HF Run 4 Kids 5k, Hudson Falls
  • *Dec.2: Reindeer Run 5k, Queensbury

**Important Notice: Grand Prix Races and any updates will be posted on our Calendar of Events.


The 7 Best Finishes for each runner;.

Scoring is: 13 Points for First Place, 11 Points for 2nd Place, 9 Points for 3rd Place, and one less point down through 1 point for each succeeding place. Finishing will always earn at least 1 point.

To be eligible for an award, you must volunteer for 1 TAR race and complete at least 2 Grand Prix Races. TAR races are identified by an * and bold type. Volunteers will be eligible for special prize drawings but will not earn points. If you should age up during the year, your points will be carried over.

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